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Ready to sew your own clothes?

IndieStich makes sewing easy and fun all in one pretty box!

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IndieStitch is an award winning sewing subscription…

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    A digital sewing pattern – direct from the designer

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    Full size, copy-shop printout of that month’s featured pattern

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    The right fabric for the pattern + coordinating thread and notions

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    Fun surprises in each and every box!


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    start sewing

    “It’s like being a kid in a candy store, but even better! I can’t even begin to say how much I love getting a box every month!”

    Now’s your chance to add some gorgeous “I made it myself” pieces to your wardrobe. Get started today!

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        “Can’t wait for my next box!”

        The kits are complete and always include an item I don’t already have; the patterns are fun and easy to use and the sew-alongs are very helpful. Can’t wait for my next box!

         Ramona Sampayan

        Pictured in IndieStitch’s kit featuring the Verbena Dress from Blank Slate. 

        and more! Check out all these bonuses…


        New Sew-a-longs each month

        Learn how to make more time in your busy day to sew! Use this planning printable to break your project into 15 minute chunks to get your project from concept to reality quickly.


        Facebook Group + Community

        How do you organize your digital sewing patterns? Are they just floating in your “downloads” folder or do you rely on searching designer websites or emails. Join Amber as she shares her searchable system for organizing her files on a cloud-based storage system.


        Chance to win fun sewing prizes!

        Deck out your computer and phone with sewing digital wallpapers! With fun graphics and sayings, they are sure to bring a smile to your face. We include resources on how to put these on popular computer and smartphone types.

        “I love being able to watch a technique, pause, and work through it at my own pace.”

        “It’s so convenient- everything you need for the project is in the box! The sew-along videos are great- I love being able to watch a technique, pause, and work through it at my own pace. I feel like I really picked up some new skills and at the end I have a fun new clothing item!”

        Delisa Freistadt

        IndieStitch Subscriber

        Woman sitting on floor smiling with an open IndieStitch box on her lap.

        It’s like having a personal sewing pro who not only deliver everything you need but also walks you step by step through your entire piece

        Unbelievable value delivered in a pretty package right to your front door. 

        Because when it comes down to it… learning new techniques can be tricky, which is why…

         Gathering the supplies can get overwhelming. Fast. 

        From first stitch to last try-on, join Amber as she creates the monthly project with IndieStitch kit materials. Are you an experienced sewist? Jump ahead to the specific step you may need some extra help with. Each project is completed on a basic sewing machine. No need for a serger or coverstitch machine. You don’t need any special equipment!

        What makes IndieStitchers not only repeat customers, but true fans? 

        Our high quality EXPERIENCE. 

        Imagine opening up a box of sewing goodies with literally everything you need to sew a new top or pair of pants. 

        Not only does this magic box include fabric you love, it also includes matching thread, elastic, buttons, new machine needles, and even a full paper pattern so you can just cut and go! 

        Sound like just what you need? 


            IndieStitch is more than just a box… 

            it’s a sewing movement that joins women together to sew clothes they wear, but LOVE.

             April 2022

            Verbena Dress – Blank Slate Patterns

            We celebrated warmer weather with a summery dress from Blank Slate that can be made in either knit or woven materials!

            • PFull Size Print of Pattern Pieces
            • PCatalina Dress Digital Pattern from Blank Slate
            • P4 Yards Fabric
            • PBias Tape for Finishing
            • P500 Meters Gutterman Thread
            • P1/2 Inch Elastic
            • P2 Organ Brand Flat Shank Sewing Machine Needles
            • PSandpaper Dots
            • PWooden Base Pin Cushion

              The stick on sandpaper dots were new addition to many sewing rooms! Stick them on your acrylic ruler to prevent slipping when cutting with a rotary cutter.

              May 2022

              Arizona Faux Button Tank – Made for Mermaids

              Rib knits were our featured fabric for this Tank Top from Made for Mermaids. Each kit included coordinating buttons and we learned how to make a faux button placket, as well as knit binding on necklines and arms openings.

              • PFull Size Print of Pattern Pieces
              • PCatalina Dress Digital Pattern from Blank Slate
              • P2 Yards Rib Knit Fabric
              • PSix 5/8 inch buttons
              • P150 Meters Metler Thread
              • P2 Organ Brand Flat Shank Sewing Machine Needles
              • PSpool Wraps
              • PSewing Themed Notepad

                  Members loved the sewing themed note pad! Perfect for jotting down measurements, supplies, or your latest to-do list!

                  MODULE THREE

                  Grace Cardigan – DIBY Club

                  Cozy sweater knits make the BEST cardigans! Each kit included a Fiskars brand seam ripper and measuring tape, plus some clear elastic to stabilize seams for looser weaved knits.  

                    • PFull Size Print of Pattern Pieces
                    • PGrace Cardigan Digital Pattern from DIBY Patterns
                    • P2.5 Yards Sweater Knit Fabric
                    • P20 Half Inch Buttons
                    • P150 Meters GuttermanThread
                    • P2 Organ Brand Flat Shank Sewing Machine Needles
                    • PFiskars 2 Piece Sewing Set
                    • P3 Yards Clear Elastic
                    • PSewing Machine Sticker

                    This kit also included a special yummy drink of flavored hot cocoa! Sewing on a cold winter day never felt like such a treat! 

                    We only source quality materials from trusted brands. Each month we include a wide range of fabrics so everyone can find something they love. If the pattern allows, we also include an all natural fiber fabric option for those looking to stay away from synthetic and artificial fibers.

                    thats what we are here to fix

                    IndieStitch is a sewing subscription box for those to love to sew women’s clothing. We partner with top independent sewing pattern designers and quality fabric suppliers to bring you complete sewing kits that are as much fun to sew as they are to wear.

                    IndieStitch Kits

                     IndieStitch kits are more than a box of sewing supplies.

                    We are a community of women of all ages who love to sew. Some of us have been sewing for years and others are discovering (or re-discovering!) a new passion. 

                    Each and every IndieStitch kit includes access to our VIP Sew Along Facebook group. We take the time to ask questions, answer questions, and show off our latest projects. An interactive sew-along is held each month to motivate you to take time out of your busy day to do a bit of sewing and get your project from box to closet! 

                    Are you a beginning sewists or want to learn something new? Follow our guided sewing tutorials where Amber walks you through the project step by step on a basic sewing machine. 


                    Step 1 - Fabric Selection

                    Visit the Member’s Hub to watch a video of the fabric choices for the month. IndieStitch’s Founder, Amber, will show the fabric up close so you get a virtual feel of how the fabric moves and looks. Make your selection in the Hub.

                    Step 2 - Sit Back and Relax

                    We will take your fabric request and curate your kit perfectly for the project of the month. You will receive enough fabric and all the notions to make the largest size of the pattern. 

                    Step 3 - Explore Your Kit

                    Feel the fabric, look at the notions & sewing tools, and download your pattern – your IndieStitch kit has arrived! We love to add fun bonuses to project kits and they are sure to make your sewing easier and more fun! 

                    Step 4 - Let's Sew!

                    Sew your project using the designer’s instructions or join us in our VIP Facebook group for an interactive sew along (complete with prizes 🤩) Our video tutorials will guide you through each step of the project – perfect for beginners or those who are getting back to sewing after a break. 

                    6 Projects in 6 months 

                    Each month, enjoy a fully curated sewing project delivered right to you, ready to sew. Explore new designers and new styles that you may have been wanting to try, but haven’t gotten around to yet. Each project is a seasonal women’s sewing project. If you are ever unsure of a pattern or already own it, we have options for you to swap out for a past project or substitute your pattern for other items.

                    Your sewing before IndieStitch:

                    Your sewing after IndieStitch:

                    Frustration/pain point/bring out the bad feelings. Now share how IndieStitch can help and be fun!

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                        Satisfaction Guarantee

                        If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your IndieStitch membership, please email us and we guarantee we will make it right. Returns and exchanges are accepted for unused project kits.

                        “LOVE IndieStitch!!!”

                        “So far,  have received 2 boxes now and can not wait for the next one. I love that these boxes give me everything I need to complete the item and that they push me to sew things I normally would not. LOVE IndieStitch!!! ❤️❤️❤️”

                        Nicole Gregory

                        Pictured in IndieStitch’s kit featuring the Wardrobe by Me –  Wardrobe Builder Tee

                        In case we haven’t met yet, I’m Amber…

                        I created IndieStitch so that you can can feel more confident at your sewing machine and have everything you need to create a wonderful piece of handmade clothing. 

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                        Designers Featured

                        FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

                        Have a question?

                        At IndieStitch, you are in charge of your subscription. You choose your fabric and have the ability to skip a project if it isn’t for you. If you ever have a question about IndieStitch, we are just a quick email away at [email protected]

                        What sizes do you include?

                        Every pattern that we include in our kits include sizes XXS to Plus 3X, many of the projects include sizes up to US 30. The largest measurement we guarantee for each kit is Upper Bust – 48″, Full Bust – 53″, Waist – 48″, Hip – 57″.

                        What if I don't don't like the pattern or I already own it?

                        We get that not every pattern is for every person. If a pattern just isn’t your style, or if you already own the pattern, you have the choice to substitute the pattern for an extra yard of fabric and notion or you can select from a previous project kit to be shipped instead!

                        What if I forget to select my fabric?

                        At the start of your membership, you’ll receive a link to fill out a Member Survey to tell us all about your fabric style likes, dislikes, and any other information that will help us select a fabric you are sure to love! 

                        How do I cancel?

                         Anytime during your 6 month subscription, you can go into your account settings on the IndieStitch homepage and set your subscription to cancel at the end of the commitment. At the end of 6 months, the subscription will automatically renew, unless cancelled. If you have any issues, support is just an email away at [email protected]

                        How do I access the Sew-Along and Video Tutorials?

                        Video tutorials and all membership bonuses are located in our Member’s Hub. You will receive a log-in link and information after you subscribe. Our Sew-Along are held in our Private Member’s Only Facebook Group, IndieStitch Sew Along