5 Resources for your Best Fitting Pants


Good fitting pants make you look your best. They create the foundation for a great outfit and can highlight your figure in just the right way. For this reason, it’s important to take time to make some fine adjustments to the pattern and take your pants from “just ok” to “awesome.”

Our bodies are unique and have a significant impact on how we look in our clothes. So even if you’ve been sewing for years, there are some things you can do to make a pair of pants fit more like the perfect pair. Read on to discover how!

5 Resources for your Best Fitting Pants

1. How to Fit Pants When Sewing Pants by Melly Sews

Melissa from MellySews.com showcases real life examples of pants fitting issues on her body, not just line drawings. She then shows how to adjust the pattern to correct the issue. There is also a YouTube video linked in the blog post that goes into more detail about each adjustment.

2. Pants Fitting Adjustments by Closet Core Patterns

This blog post by Heather Lou starts off with a pep talk that I think we all need to hear! Sewing is fun and don’t stress about the “perfect” fit. Good is good enough and pants fitting is an ongoing process. Heather than describes many different types of common fit issues such as gaping waistband, full calf, knock kneed, and so many more.

3. Pattern Fitting With Confidence by Nancy Zieman

Prefer looking at a book, rather than a screen for your fitting information? Check out this book by Nancy Zieman titled, Pattern Fitting With Confidence. In this book, Nancy breaks down common fitting issues in several garment types, not just pants, and shows how you can alter the pattern to better fit your body.

4. Tin Foil Crotch Curve Method – 5 Out of 4 Pattern Blog

In this blog post, Rachelle Summers shares how to use a flexible ruler or length of tin foil to determine the curvature of your crotch and how that curve interacts with the pattern pieces. This article will send you running to the kitchen to get your pants fitting their best.

5. Pants Sewing and Fitting – Love to Sew Podcast

Helen and Caroline at Love to Sew podcast tackle the topic of Pants Sewing and Fitting in episode 184! In this episode they discuss everything pants. From patterns, fabrics, hardware, & fitting, you are sure to learn something to take your pants to the next level.

Sewing pants for that are perfect for your body is a very rewarding project! By tapping into these resources, you will have all the tools you need to create a pair of pants that fit like a dream.

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