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Setting you up with everything you need, month after month, to sew your own clothes.

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Hi, I’m Amber!

I created Indie Stitch so that you can make your own clothes even if your days are long and your hands are busy.

I’ll be the first to raise my hand and say that when it comes to sewing, I spend far more time dreaming than actually doing.

Between raising little ones and work,
my sewing dreams stayed just that, dreams… a representation of all of the things I wanted to do, but couldn’t.

Sometimes it felt like even the idea of sewing was just too much.

I didn’t have the time to get fabric. My thread never seemed to match, and it was always impossible to find the right size of elastic. Don’t even get me started on what it’s like to tape together a printed pattern while your 2 year old “helps.”

Indie Stitch is my way of making sure that you don’t struggle the same way I did.

Sewing your own clothes, choosing to create something with your hands, and the happiness that comes from wearing your new outfit, feels incredible. It’s an accomplishment worth celebrating.

When I worked for boutique shops, sewing clothes and bags, I realized something: it was easy and straightforward for me to finish those projects because all of the materials were sent to me.

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the thread matched

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I had the right type and amount of fabric

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the patterns were printed and ready to go

All I needed to do was sit and sew.

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That’s what makes Indie Stitch so special.

When you open up your box, you’ll have exactly what you need to get back to sewing for you.